Once you have made the decision to add Advocate Marketing to your Enterprise Marketing Strategy, it makes sense to include a Business Process Review to ensure that your Advocacy strategy aligned to your business objectives.

We recommend and encourage all of our Enterprise clients to enroll in an On-Site Business Process Workshop, which is designed for larger customers that need more time to align their marketing processes with their existing stack of marketing technology.

We see 3 common differentiators that enterprise clients can really get the greatest value from their Advocacy Strategy .

1. Reference Velocity:
Being able to get references super fast. Getting the right reference at the right time becomes one of the most valuable by-products of a successful advocacy program.

2. Product Collaboration:
Every company “says” they care about what the customer thinks and wants. But with Advocacy Marketing Programs in place, this creates a growing reciprocal relationship for customers, employees, and partners to engage with each other. Customer Advisory Boards become real communities that offer actionable insights instead of annual meetings that no one cares about.

3. Customer Driven Marketing:
By customer driven marketing, we mean marketing content that is actually created or collaborated on by real customers. Marketing department content can be skewed. It might be fantastic looking, but it is much more credible and valuable when the customer generates the content.

Learn More About Our On-Site Workshop

We work on-site to address the alignment required between teams to make your strategy work. We take a look at the best way to prepare your organization for your Advocacy Strategy Implementation.