Agents, Brokers, and Advisors

The speciality industry that revolves around agents, brokers and advisors is complex. There is a tacit idea that “networks” belong to individuals and not to organizations. This makes it difficult to evaluate an investment into technology and professional services to support that technology. But by implementing strategies that focus on optimizing the evolving technology with an Advocacy Marketing Program, we can shift behaviour so that both the individual and the organization wins.

Couch & Associates has helped clients that deal with agents, brokers and advisors build refined strategies that have been focusing on cultivating customer experience and creating an external brand extension by utilizing advocacy as a way to share networks. Our expertise in targeted messaging campaigns, customer acquisition, retention strategies and Advocacy programs combined with marketing automation has made impactful results in the industry.

Our clients continue to see success in:

- Creating one version of approved content that can then be distributed throughout agent and brokers
- Mapping Relationships and creating a pool of advocates
- Using Social Media Integrations to create an inexpensive lead engine
- Harnessing brand advocates to help your brand sell

We help our clients improve their customer insight by more efficient data segmentation and demographic analysis. Our services include the enablement of personalized email campaigns, subscription services, SEO landing pages and microsites, service presentations, any other print and web publications, and many more. We help provide a transition from unspecified marketing campaigns to specific strategies that focus on building off of customer insight and creating you an external advocate-based salesforce.

Download our latest guide:

Account Based Marketing

A Marketing Guide for Large Revenue Businesses

At Couch & Associates there is no prescriptive way to do things.

We are not preoccupied with generic click-through rates and meaningless analytics. We analyze relevant data, and convert it into business insights that will change your business.

Our team of in-house architects, developers, and business analysts can manage all types of data-sets, the most customized integrations, and the most complex of data models.

Whether you need to increase revenue, reduce costs, mitigate risks—or do all of these things in tandem, we can help you.