Simple COVID‑19 Screening for Workplaces

Protect your organization’s reopening against the spread of COVID‑19 and empower employees to maintain a safe workplace.

As of January 7, 2021, some states and provinces have required workplaces to screen staff before they enter the workplace.

To support this initiative, the free version of this screening tool aligns its questions to these recommendations.

Create & Customize Your Free Site

Simple, Secure, Free.

How It Works

Step 1

Create your screening site

Customize your screening site, including your company's brand color and logo.

Step 2

Enable employees

Share the solution with your employees, enabling them to self-screen daily before coming to work.

A Robust Solution


Employee well-being

Staff feel comfortable in the workplace knowing that their team members have gone through the screening process.

Structure & guidance

Provide clear information on organizational procedures and employee responsibilities.


Customize the solution to stay aligned to organizational requirements and safety standards.

Reduced Admin Time

Save time by automating the administration and processing of employee screening.

Easy to Use

The user-friendly screening tool leads to high rates of employee adoption.

Free Basic Version

We’re proud to provide a free COVID-19 screening tool with our Basic plan.

Customize Your Approach

Our Plans

Hosted Employee Screening Tool
Auto-Updating Screening Questions
Results Reporting
Organization’s Branding
Customized Questions
Multi-Language Support
Advanced Features

Solutions That Fit Your Needs

Advanced Features

Custom Database Integrations

Integrate the screening solution with your HR platform, CRM and more.

HR Partners & Resources

Utilize our network of leading HR professionals to establish policies and procedures.

QR Code Scanning

Leverage the screening site's scannable QR code for employee check-in, visitor screening, PPE vending and more.

Visitor Screening

Gather contact information and screen visitors before they enter the workplace to support contact tracing.

Automated Alerts

Automatically notify team members on failed screenings.

PPE Vending Machines

Connect the solution to PPE vending machines or sanitizing stations.

Contact us to learn more about how you can extend your employee-screening process to support your organization.

Test Drive the Solution


Employee Screening Tool

Test drive a demo of the free, customizable employee screening tool.

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Google Sheet Integration

View a demo of the free Google Sheet integration.

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As a provider of reliable custom solutions for major companies to scale customer communications, Couch & Associates has drawn on its competencies to rapidly bring Self Screening to market in light of the COVID‑19 pandemic. For 15 years, Couch & Associates has designed and delivered innovative solutions to the most complex challenges for 400 of the world’s largest brands.