Business Solutions

Couch & Associates, Inc. is comprised of experts in a number of fields including software and marketing automation, and they have helped develop strategies and software services that will help streamline your business.

Software adoption has fostered growth, innovation and the competitive advantage in the companies that have developed strategies to use it effectively. Some of the biggest challenges of the past are easily handled today by software business solutions.

We work alongside marketing automation industry leaders, and are able to help companies with:


Our knowledge of these systems, and many others, let us provide clients with the opportunity to do more with less, and to see a much higher return on investment. We create and implement client-specific strategies that focus on both identified and predicted business challenges. We make it possible to improve your company's potential through productivity management, targeted messaging, up-selling and cross-selling techniques, increased user adoption, customer communication strategies, and many more.

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Account Based Marketing

A Marketing Guide for Large Revenue Businesses

At Couch & Associates there is no prescriptive way to do things.

We are not preoccupied with generic click-through rates and meaningless analytics. We analyze relevant data, and convert it into business insights that will change your business.

Our team of in-house architects, developers, and business analysts can manage all types of data-sets, the most customized integrations, and the most complex of data models.

Whether you need to increase revenue, reduce costs, mitigate risks—or do all of these things in tandem, we can help you.