In order to expand the reach of your marketing team, you need to establish where your target audience is likely to be. Colleges and universities can no longer rely on students to simply check out their website, so it's becoming increasingly more valuable to have an active online presence over social media. As the means of communicating with your audience changes, Couch & Associates is attempting to find better ways to connect your school with your students.

It's common for schools to host a series of introductory events throughout the year to speak to potential incoming students about their programs, student culture, and further opportunities. Couch & Associates believes that these meetings are ideal opportunities to improve communication, and to create a more personalized relationship with prospective applicants.

Couch & Associates can help with a number of marketing concerns, including:

- Customer identification
- Integrated event management
- Customer experience
- Social media
- Data cleansing and management
- Multi-touch, multi-channel marketing campaigns
- Communication strategy

Students are more becoming more attracted to schools that connect with them where they're most comfortable, and this means that's schools need to find news channels to spread their message. The more effective the steps are to finding the right distribution, creating the ideal comments, and managing the events and follow-up communication, the move effective your reports will be.

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At Couch & Associates there is no prescriptive way to do things.

We are not preoccupied with generic click-through rates and meaningless analytics. We analyze relevant data, and convert it into business insights that will change your business.

Our team of in-house architects, developers, and business analysts can manage all types of data-sets, the most customized integrations, and the most complex of data models.

Whether you need to increase revenue, reduce costs, mitigate risks—or do all of these things in tandem, we can help you.