Your Personal Sales Enablement Assistant

Capture and report real-time customer activity with a fully integrated machine learning engine to better predict pipeline and customer behavior.

Sales Communication Insights is a readily available implementation to Couch & Associates consulting customers and as a standalone product upon request.

Gain more clarity into sales activity and better predict pipeline

Communication Insights allows companies to fully track sales activity through an integrated and secure machine learning engine that speaks with your CRM and email systems. This allows sales executives, just like you, to make more accurate decisions based on logged customer and prospect interactions.

Seamlessly integrated. Easy adoption. No installs required.

With seamless integration into existing communication channels and CRM systems, Communication Insights operates behind-the-scenes so no manual entry or training is necessary. Sales teams continue to operate as they do with the added benefit of a personal digital assistant that will automatically log activity to new and existing contacts in your CRM database.

Automated actions with actionable insights.

Built to solve some of the most perplexing challenges that Sales Leaders face. You can now:
  • Determine the ideal sales communications mix to close more business in less time
  • Assess probability to close based on the customer’s level of engagement
  • Prompt behaviors from Sales teams based on insights to increase Sales success
  • Increase forecasting accuracy with customer behavioral data

Report on touchpoints while enabling sales

This solution was built by Sales Leaders for Sales Leaders looking to garner insights on customer-rep interactions for a fuller view of the pipeline that is based on actual actions and behaviors from your customers. The solution captures and analyzes both inbound and outbound communications.

Your Personal Sales Enablement Assistant is ready to support your sales efforts

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