Certified Marketo Implementations

Implementations of Marketo do not have to be a daunting task. The team at Couch & Associates makes sure it’s done right without losing any of your data or processes. Whether you are new to Marketo or migrating from a different system to meet your organization’s needs, the team here at Couch & Associates has hired some of the brightest minds in the marketing automation space. Some of our team come from working with the Marketo platform itself.

Marketo is the leader in enterprise marketing automation. A powerful tool to have in your marketing technology stack. iDataLabs states Marketo has over 12% market share. For good reason, the sheer power you get from Marketo makes it a good option if you have a comprehensive marketing stack.

Although, you are likely here to understand how to fully utilize your Marketo instance. Some incredible stats by Marketo revealed:

  • Marketo has run a campaign that sent over 249 million emails
  • Generated the widest net cast on a single campaign of over 525 000 sourced opportunities
  • Attributed over $2.3 billion to a single campaign

Are you getting the most out of Marketo? To be able to generate these types of results, you need the right people and the right skills.

We have the experts to get started on your Marketo implementation:

  1. Identify marketing goals
  2. Create lead scoring models
  3. Identify campaign content assets
  4. Institute marketing standards for each type of campaign
  5. Setup and architecture
  6. Data management and lead scoring naming conventions
  7. Asset transfers
  8. Checklists
  9. Preference Center setup

Get To Know Your Marketo Consultants


At Couch & Associates there is no prescriptive way to do things.

We are not preoccupied with generic click-through rates and meaningless analytics. We analyze relevant data, and convert it into business insights that will change your business.

Our team of in-house architects, developers, and business analysts can manage all types of data-sets, the most customized integrations, and the most complex of data models.

Whether you need to increase revenue, reduce costs, mitigate risks—or do all of these things in tandem, we can help you.