With the right marketing automation agency – you can confidently take your business into the future

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“My team needs more experience to develop the projects I need.”

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“I’m spending too much on too many marketing technologies. Surely, there’s a simpler way to do things.”

Consolidate and save

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“Exactly how vulnerable is my marketing database?
How worried should I be about cyber security?”

Stay proactive

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With the right digital tools – and the right partner in marketing – you can confidently take your business into the future.

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What can you achieve with the right digital transformation and marketing automation tools?

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Create better quality leads with:

  • An improved user journey
  • Tech that tracks the real ROI of marketing initiatives
  • A connected marketing and sales team

Increase customer retention by:

  • Developing better customer experiences
  • Increasing response and adoption rates
  • Automating workflow with a drip email campaign or custom welcome note

Master digital transformation through:

  • Scalable and easy-to-repeat processes
  • Simplified program and campaign management
  • A single tech stack that does it all

Create a tailored
digital marketing strategy.

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The overall user experience for our visitors has improved. Reporting is better, and we’ve enhanced lead generation with deeper lead insights passed to the sales team.

Anna Patton
Senior Business Analyst at Informatica

Why choose
Couch & Associates?

We don’t get side tracked by meaningless analytics or generic click-through rates. At Couch & Associates, we analyze relevant data and convert it into valuable insights that will boost your business. We’re here to help you increase lead generation, improve customer retention, and invest in the right technology for your business.

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Here’s what sets us apart…

Solving problems together

There’s no single answer to digital marketing requirements. So much of it depends on you, your business, your customers, and your long-term goal. Here are some of the ways we’ll get you where you need to be…

Do you ask yourself?

  • Am I using the right tech?
  • What exactly are my customers looking for?
  • What’s my plan for the next 5 years?

Would you like to…

  • Create marketing projects based on strategy?
  • Gain valuable business insights?
  • Get advice on the right tech, tools, and processes?

Do you ask yourself?

  • What does an agile marketing strategy look like?
  • How can I integrate sales and marketing technology?
  • Can I create a custom sales and marketing plan?

Would you like to…

  • Set up an agile strategy, then develop it further?
  • Make sure the design, construction, and management of the plan is correct?
  • Hand over data analytics and management to the pros?

Do you ask yourself?

  • How can I save money on marketing expenses?
  • Do I need to be doing all this work myself?
  • How can I make operations even simpler?

Would you like to…

  • Outsource some of the responsibility?
  • Put the management of your services into safe hands?
  • Let someone else anticipate your process and function needs?

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