Business Case for Investing in MarTech

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Business Case for Investing in MarTech

Marketers are in a constant scramble for resources. There are just too many campaigns to run, ideas to execute, and metrics to analyze, and not enough people or time to do it. This imbalance is exactly why MarTech is quickly becoming essential for success in both B2B and B2C industries. 91% of the most successful marketers say that marketing automation is “very important” to their overall success.

Despite the potential, over 61% of marketers don’t use marketing automation at all, while the rest are scattered across either wildly varying vendors or a mishmash of MarTech solutions.

We speak with clients all the time who are thinking of moving from one marketing automation platform to another because they aren’t getting their perceived value from it or are looking to get their feet wet for the first time with market automation.  Pardot, who was once looked at as the platform for SMB businesses, has made inroads on the enterprise.  Oracle, who is looked at as the Cadillac of marketing automation, continues to enhance it’s offering while offering the scalability that enterprise demands.  And Marketo, with the introduction of Project Orion, is telling marketers that it can help make sense of all the data marketers collect at the speed of a McLaren.

Features and functions of a MarTech solution shouldn’t guide your marketing strategy – your marketing strategy should be complimented and enhanced by the solutions that you add to your MarTech stack.

Don’t fall into this trap. Stay ahead of the laggards and catch up to the leaders in your industry.

At Couch & Associates, we know the value of an effective marketing automation solution. We’ve demonstrated its ability to extend marketing operations and provide valuable marketing data to clients time and time again.

The business case for investing in MarTech Services:

Couch & Associates doesn’t hawk products. We implement MarTech solutions that can, quite literally, change the entire direction of a business. The businesses for whom we’ve worked have shown tangible, repeatable growth in the areas of:

  • Sales revenue
  • Lead nurturing
  • Customer engagement
  • Customer retention

In addition to the hard numbers, our MarTech expertise has also helped marketers:

  • Extend capabilities
  • Increase efficiency
  • Collect more accurate marketing data
  • Maintain consistent quality of deliverables

But wait, you have an IT department, right? Why would you hire consultants to do something that an employee can do for free?

The challenge of MarTech implementation

Far too many companies do a poor job of choosing and implementing their MarTech solution, either expecting a single solution to cover all requirements (which it won’t) or setting up a hodgepodge of disconnected MarTech tools that don’t live up to their true potential.

Others don’t even try implementing a marketing solution at all, often due to technical limitations. 13% of marketers did not implement a martech solution due to a lack of technical proficiency in their team. The simple fact is that most IT professionals do not know what MarTech solution best fits your business model, and marketers aren’t sure what they even need. We do.

Bringing Down Internal Silos

In any large-scale implementation of a new product, you will typically have multiple stakeholders from different parts of your organization.  Each group will have their own set of requirements and constraints, which often leads to rounds of conversations, meetings and an eventual push on the implementation date and ultimately long delays in going live.

At Couch & Associates, we act as that bridge to help ensure that requirements are communicated properly and cross-functionally.  With our experience in working with Marketing, Sales and IT, we understand the constraints that come up in large scale platform deployments.

Our Advantage

For the last decade, Couch & Associates has helped businesses develop and implement end-to-end MarTech solutions that cover all of their critical requirements.

Our success can be attributed to:

  • A goal-oriented approach. It’s not enough for us to check off feature lists. We look beyond the box quotes of any solution and determine whether or not the chosen solution helps further your business goals.
  • Deep technical expertise. Our team has extensive product knowledge of the various MarTech solutions, and are fully aware of their capabilities and potential. Some of us have even helped build some of the solutions you’re using!
  • Extensive industry experience. C&A has implemented hundreds of Marketing Automation and CRM systems. In our early years, we focused on implementations but now we have taken all the learnings and are now able to focus on the strategy, change management and business processes. We understand the critical steps in any implementation and onboarding process and know which land mines to avoid. We can mitigate risk for your organization because we have seen every scenario unfol.
  • Peerless customer service. We don’t just hand you the keys to your new MarTech system and tell you to drive. We conduct extensive post-implementation onboarding and guidance to ensure that you never feel lost when using your MarTech tools. And we stay with you for the long term.

If your Marketing Automation and CRM system just isn’t working for you, then don’t stumble around in the dark. Spend your time wisely and consult the experts from the get-go. Not only will you save valuable time; by discussing your needs with an experienced specialist, you’ll uncover requirements and benefits you never realized you needed. You have invested a lot of money in technology, but consider investing equally in services.

Curious? Give us a call and talk us through your challenges.